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Demystifying the AP Conversation

It seems like everyone in Newton is talking about AP courses and exam taking lately. While looking critically at how well our students are doing academically is a good thing, perpetuating the false narrative that academic excellence and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are mutually exclusive is not.

Newton Upstanders is concerned that academic excellence and DEI have been improperly positioned as tradeoffs. They quite simply are not. In addition, Newton has a great deal to celebrate regarding how our students are doing academically. We hope to help people understand the true state of our schools and shine a light on our accomplishments. We also want to help people see trough the misinformation surrounding this issue.

To that end, we are sharing two videos below. The first is a public statement by a Newton Upstander, clinical psychologist, and academic researcher who did a deep dive on the data. Second, educational leaders from Newton Public Schools (NPS) present a thorough and transparent data analysis of AP course enrollment and exam taking during the Newton School Committee Meeting on May 22, 2023.

Please watch and share. There is no better tool to battle misinformation than knowledge.


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