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Newton Upstanders

About Us

Newton Upstanders is an action-oriented group in Newton, MA dedicated to promoting justice and a sense of belonging in our community. We support diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and belonging (DEAIB) initiatives in our community and oppose local or national efforts to undermine these fundamental values. 


We are network of people just like you. We are caregivers, activists, lawyers, tradespeople, marketers, educators, researchers, medical professionals, frontline workers, and organizers who grew concerned when we began to see local and national right-wing groups attacking our community's DEAIB efforts. We connected, shared information, and took action. But more importantly, we collectively decided to stand up to speak out and will continue to do so when national or local groups attempt to undermine efforts to create a just, fair, inclusive, and welcoming Newton for all. 

We hope you join us.

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